What Are The Main Challenges People Face When Quitting Smoking Cigarettes?

Addiction is a very general word. Being addicted to pizza, being addicted to heroin, being addicted to nicotine, and being addicted to playing video games are all very different things. There are many different types of addictions. That being said, cigarettes and vaping have a few things in common. They both involve the consumption of a foreign substance. Nicotine is a chemical which enters your bloodstream. Some people’s bodies have become dependent on nicotine, and quitting cold turkey can cause withdrawals. There are many challenges people face when trying to quit nicotine.

The challenges that you may face while trying to quit smoking can have a profound effect on your behavior. One of the main challenges people face is with their internal ideas about smoking and their own self-perception. Some people may think that quitting is too difficult. Quitting smoking may seem like an insurmountable barrier. It is like a mountain that cannot be climbed. The fear of failure may prevent someone from even trying to start. If you were to tell your family and friends that you plan on quitting but you don’t actually succeed, then you may be afraid of starting because you feel like they will be disappointed. You may be afraid that your friends who currently smoke may reject you if you are able to actually quit too.

Another barrier that people face is they like the feeling of nicotine. Giving up nicotine would be very painful for them. Nicotine may make them happy in the short term while they are smoking. Going without nicotine may not seem like a realistic option for these people. However what you believe today may not necessarily be what you believe tomorrow. People change their beliefs all the time. Something that may be essential for you today, might not be essential for you tomorrow. Nicotine is not like food and water. People are able to survive and be happy without it. Without nicotine, you are not going to die of thirst or starvation. It is important to keep that in mind. If you are facing this barrier, you should examine what nicotine means to you.

People may want to quit but they feel like they will do it in the future. They are not ready to do it today because they may need to deal with some other more important problems for us, such as a school project, some type of work related responsibility, or something else which is on the horizon. Putting off your goal of quitting smoking to do it at some point in the future is like a type of procrastination. If it may not be the right time today, then when the future arrives they may also not be the right time later, and it will never be the right time. The goal of quitting smoking is endlessly postponed with this mindset.

Due to the great difficulty of quitting smoking, it is indeed a very difficult challenge for many people to overcome. In the short term when your body goes to nicotine withdrawals, they may be very unpleasant. This can lead people to continue smoking even though they want to quit. People know that tobacco and nicotine are carcinogenic and also expensive, but due to their perspectives and psychological reasons, they may not have success in quitting. If you are facing challenges with quitting smoking, but you still want to quit, you can look for some resources to help you. There are millions of people before you who have smoked more cigarettes than you and they were able to successfully quit.

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