How To Stop Kids From Vaping?

Vaping is often marketed as an alternative to smoking cigarettes. It is seen as being healthier because the nicotine is inhaled from a vaporizer rather than from burning a cigarette. This can mislead youth and vaping is still not a healthy habit. You may want to prevent your children from vaping. 

Many kids also know that the adults around them will not approve of them vaping. These kids may vape without their parents and teachers knowing. E-cigarettes are easily hidden. Kids in high school are also very smart, and they can do things without their parents knowing if they really want to. 

Similar to Fortnite skins, there are many different designs of vapes which can get the attention of kids. Although companies that sell these products do not officially say they are trying to target kids with their marketing material, it is undeniable that the products they sell are purchased by many kids. 

How can you prevent your kids from being addicted to vaping or smoking? Sometimes kids may vape simply because they are bored. If a kid is doing something that they really enjoy which is also productive, like playing a sport, they may be less likely to vape. Vaping also reduces their performance in a sport, and if they are part of a team their team members may pressure them to not vape so they can perform better. Aside from sports there are other types of clubs or activities that kids can participate in which would give them a feeling of importance without vaping.

Do not be a helicopter parent and try to manage everything that your kid does. If you try to micromanage your kid, it could backfire and they could be more willing to vape when you are not around. It is important to keep your kids informed, but do not be too authoritarian around them, because you can never be around them 24/7, and at some point they will need to go out in the world on their own and you have to trust them to make the right choice.

How do you know if your kid is vaping? it is important not to draw false conclusions. You may suspect that your kid is vaping, but if you do not have absolute proof, then you should not accuse them. Even if you smell something that does not necessarily mean it is from vaping. Try to put yourself in the position of your kid yourself. If you were them would you vape? They may not have access to all the information that adults have. They also face many pressures from their peers. Have some empathy and do not become too upset with your kids even if they do vape. Everybody makes mistakes at some point, even adults. Nobody in this world is 100% perfect. If you feel like you really need the extra help, then you can ask a professional counselor or mental health professional, who is an expert in this situation, and they may be able to give you some advice specific for your situation.

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